Clearwater Harvester

When it comes to managing your waterways or lakes, a Clearwater Aquatic Weed Harvester is the right decision. Our aquatic weed harvester has been designed and built with our long experience in environmental management of waterways.

With many years of experience in aquatic weed management of inland waterways, Clearwater Harvesters has developed unique solutions that give better outcomes than any other weed harvesting system on the world markets today giving you a more versatile aquatic weed harvester.

Clearwater's CW24-FH feature of being able to harvest aquatic weed to a depth of 5 meters, a far greater depth than any other conventional system on the market today.

Both floating and submerged aquatic weeds (such as Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth, and Eurasian Milfoil) are easily mitigated using our Clearwater Harvester. However, creating the best plan to manage your waterway the right way is an in-depth process benefiting from years of experience. At Clearwater Harvesters our experts are here to help you get the job done right with years of hands-on experience and our vast knowledge of waterway management.

Latest News
Oct. 2012 - FAPMS Conference
Clearwater attends a successful Florida Aquatic Plant Management conference in St. Augustine Florida releasing our CW24-FH Harvester in USA.
Apr. 2013
Clearwater Harvester have appointed Matprop Technical Services as their distributor in India. They are a leading marine services provider with over ten years of experience in delivery solutions to environmental and marine industries in India.
Jul. 2013
Latest NewsCW24-FH delivery of new aquatic harvester into the United Kingdom.

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