Collection Method

Clearwater harvesting systems use a patented bag collection system which minimises the need for double handling and compaction systems.

Collection Bag

The collection bag filters incoming material and allows water to exit during the harvesting process, leaving only plant material and sediment ensuring that water returned to the system is at least 50 - 70% cleaner.

Water pressure effectively compresses the collected material in the bag thereby ensuring the bagging system is always working at maximum efficiency. Compressed material is compacted so tightly that our 1.5 cubic metres bag holds approximately 400 - 600 kilos of material. (wet depending on the plant biomass)

Collection Bag

Removal of material collected by the Clearwater Harvesting System is a very simple process.

Once the bag is full the operator simply unhooks the bag from the collection tube, seals the top and activates the conveyor allowing the bag to simply fall off the boat into the water (the bag will float) to be collected later. Similarly the bag can be lifted directly onto a following boat to minimise down time. Alternatively bags can be dropped onto the shore for removal.

Boat Bag

All bags have reinforced lifting points to assist with collection.

The Clearwater bag system also allows the operator to leave the bag on the shore for additional drainage which reduces the weight tipping costs and the need for compactors.

We recommend leaving bags on the shore to drain for at least 2 - 24 hrs which will generally halve the weight of the collected material.

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