Clearwater Harvester - Model CW24-FH

Clearwater Harvester CW24-FH Side ViewClearwater Harvester CW24-FH Front ViewClearwater Harvester CW24-FH Front View 2

Clearwater Harvester CW24-FH Motor CloseupClearwater Harvester CW24-FH Rear ViewClearwater Harvester CW24-FH Rear


Unique Design Allows Up to 5 Metres of Harvesting Depth

Harvester CW24-FH ArmHarvester CW24-FH Arm ExtendedHarvester CW24-FH Arm 4

Harvester CW24-FH Arm 5Harvester CW24-FH Arm 6Harvester CW24-FH Arm 1

Harvester CW24-FH Arm SurfaceHarvester CW24-FH Arm Half SubmergedHarvester CW24-FH Arm Fully Submerged


300mm (300mm laden) Draft Allows For Excellent Access to All Areas

Back Draft ViewMoored Side ViewMoored Front View


Collection Bag System Captures Harvested Weed Ready For Transportation

Collection BagCollection Bag 2Bag Collection


Clearwater Harvester On Trailer - The CW24-FH model is shown

Clearwater Harvester CW24-FH On TrailerClearwater Harvester CW24-FH On Trailer 2

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