Harvester Performance

Listed below are some of the most common problem weeds and performance results using the Clearwater Aquatic Harvester.

Performance criteria and termonolgy is outlined at the bottom of this page.


Performance measurement criteria and terminology

Model CW24-FH
Weight Collected 650 kilos wet -
350 Kilos dry
Refers to full bag of harvested material, this is measured both wet (immediately after returning to shore) and semi dry after a period of drying, the drying time is denoted on each test result page.
Harvesting Time 15 - 18 minutes Refers to the time taken to fill the collection bag from empty. This will vary somewhat given the biomass of the material being harvested.
Efficiency 90 - 95% Refers to the amount of material cut compared to the amount of material collected and allows for some loss due to spillage and purging of the cutting head.
Drying   This is carried out by placing the sealed bag on the shore and allowing water to escape through the mesh bag. Longer drying times result in a reduction of the harvested weight.
  • Dual Hydraulic Drives Dual Hydraulic Drives

    enables the CW24-FH to turn on its own axis, this provides the operator easy navigation especially in tight spaces...Read More

  • Shallow Draft Shallow Draft

    Draft at front of boat is 100mm and 330mm at the rear, this allows the CW24-FH to operate close to banks and increases collection efficiency... Read More