Harvester Specifications

CW24-FH Aquatic Weed Harvester

Overall Length: 8020 mm
Hull Length: 5700 mm
Hull Width: 2340 mm
Machine Height: 2600 mm
Floor Height above Water: 750 mm
Dry Weight: 2000 kg
Draft Unladen: 300 mm
Draft Laden: 330 mm
Max Cutting and Collection Depth: 5000 mm
Cutting Width: 2150 mm
Collection Bag Capacity: 1.5 cu/m dependant on bio mass
Travel Speed: 10 kph max
Hull Construction: 8 molded polythene plastic pontoons from UV resistant Polymers.
Frame Construction: Lightweight Aluminum sections and plates.
Lifting Points: 4 off positioned for balanced lifting.
Propulsion: Twin Hydraulic drives independently operated for turning on axis maneuverability, including hydraulic trim for each drive unit.
Engines: 2 off 38 hp Kholer air cooled motors.
Hydraulic System: Sauer Danfoss Variable Axial Piston pumps and Gear pumps and motors. Control by Electronic Valve operation with joystick control at Operators control station.
Suction System: 200mm Water Pump, Hydraulic Motor operation
Conveyor System: Hydraulic controlled forward /reverse Plastic Modular belt system rated at 1500 kg.
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 95 litres.
Fuel Tank Capacity: 95 litres.